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Pilatus rack railway (Pilatusbahn)  

Bernat Borràs - it is not allowed to publish the photos without the permission of the author
Leaving the Flemen tunnel we can see the Pilatus Kulm resort (august 2011) Last ascending metres, with a very steep gradient (august 2011) Changing the ramp up to 48%, the line maximum (august 2011) Change of tracks with a turntable (august 2011)

The nowadays Pilatus Kulm station has three tracks and two naves (august 2011) Arriving to the oldest navr. We can appreciate an old transfer table, which is not used nowadays (august 2011) Once the preceding EMU has stopped, a walkway is placed to exit the station (august 2011) EMU arriving to mount Pilatus station (august 2011)

Spectacular view from the Pilatus Kulm vantage point, with a small train (august 2011) Two trains leave towards Alpnachstad one behind the other (august 2011) The 28 EMU going down, with pantographs down (august 2011) The gradient leaving Pilatus reaches the line maximum of 48% (august 2011)

Two EMUs arriving to Pilatus Kulm (august 2011) An EMU is about to enter the upper station, located at 2070 metres high (august 2011) Iniside one of the naves, with the Pilatus logo on the roof (august 2011)  

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